Missionary Style - The Lyrics

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01. Size Matters
When will freedom
Be loved by all
When will the ragheads
Not want us to fall
Don't you know you can't
Mess with the best
And if you disagree with us well
We'll cut you down with the rest	

  Why does everybody hate us
  Why do they want us dead
  I don't know anything but I think
  That we will pull on through

		Size matters
		Whoah Size matters
		And we're the biggest of all
		So we get to kill everyone
		And see the scales fall
		And if you don't believe me
		Then we'll kill you too
		We're the policemen of the world
		So don’t tell us what to do

02. I Love You and I Miss You But I Just Can't Take It Anymore So I Think I'm Going to End It All

When I first saw you
I loved you so
The whiteness of your teeth
And the ass your tight skirt showed
So I would meet you
Everywhere you'd go
And walk you to every class
Just so you'd know
That my heart is true
Though my hands do lie
When they creep slowly 
Up your receding thigh

  But when you went away
  I had to no words to say
  And I got so mad
  That I felt I just had
  To call you up all night
  And slash your tires right
  So that some day I know
  That you would love me so

So I followed you around
Every day for a year
Until you saw me
And you began to fear
The sound of emo blasting
As I'd walk slowly near
Now I have no place to live
And a civil case
But no restraining order
Can dim my love
And one day I swear you'll know
The fire of my love

  I'm not a stalker
  But I loved you so
  Everything you do
  Is something I must know
  Don't fear my love my darling
  Just lie back and let me give
  My soul to your care so that we can share
  That closet where I live

03. How Can You Say That With a Straight Face?
Oh my darling
Don't you know I need you?
Oh my baby
Won't you let me breach you?

I've been gone so very long
Don't you know my impulses are strong
And when I see you alone
I just want to drive you home

You may say that I am crude
Or you may say that I am very rude
But I know that before long
You'd wish that I were still gone
And if these words you hear
You better run when I get near

	It's not my fault you're stupid
	Or that you let me treat you like shit
	You could walk away any time
	You could escape from this pit
	It's not your fault I'm stupid
	But, hey what can I say?
	We're both just wastes of sperm
	So lie back and watch me squirm

		I think it's pretty sad
		The things people do to themselves
		When will they ever listen?
		When will they ever hear?
		That as long as we're hurting
		The entire world will be too
		Mistreating one another
		What a foolish thing to do

04. The Bullshit Meter Has Gone Off

They'll follow you everywhere
(Yes they will)
They know if you're here or there
(Yes they do)
They think they're next to God
(Fucking morons)
They watch you while you squat
(While you squat)

  The DEA's gonna
  take me away
  In these matters 
  I have no say
  And I ain't done shit
  But that's OK
  Because King Georgie
  Has had his way

    I used to be a nice guy
    But then I went to jail
    I learned to scarf the pud
    Lie cheat and steal
    All because of some asshole in washington
    Who doesn’t like the way I live
    Who cares if I can’t live my life
    Just as long as I don’t get drafted

I swear I really don't care
(No he don't)
That I can't say my mind
(Thought police)
And that I don't believe
(don't believe)
The lies that come my way
(All bullshit)

  What use is freedom
  When we have to hide
  From those we employ
  To save our hides
  I'm so angry
  I don't know what to do
  Maybe I'll watch some football
  And sniff some glue 

05. A Little Bit of Fun
Chili pie????? 
06. Fatherly Blues
My woman done left me
Don't know where she went
My baby done left me
Don't know why she's mad
	I gave her all my lovin'
	She just gagged and spat

I told her I was sorry
But she just laughed at that
Lord I told her I was sorry
But she just laughed at that
	She said that she was leaving
	And that was all I'd get of that

If she don't love me
I'll abide by that
Yes if she don't love me
I'll abide by that
	Because I've got an altar boy named Patrcik
	And he's got a magic cap
	(What does that mean?)
	(I got no clue...)

		Don't you know I love her
		And everything she does
		And when I see walking
		With another stud
		It makes so angry
		That my hands begin to shake
		Because soon she won't be talkin'
		With another man
		Lord she won't be walkin'
		With another man (Oh yeah...)
		I know she won't be sleepin'
		With another man
		Cuz I'm going to get that man
		As soon as I can

	That woman drove me to bondage
	the way no other can
	But what she didn't know
	Is I can get it from a man

07. Department of Baboon Maintenance
Throw down your arms
And let the rhythm flow
Don't be afraid
Of what you don't know
Man is patient
But time passes us by
You say you're not scared
So why do you hide

	Eyes are mady for looking
	Mouth is for talking
	Why are you silent
	Why don't you see
	As long as we don't
	Nothing shall ever be

You say you've got love
So why do you hate
The people the they tell us
Are mighty and great
As long as we walk
We'll never arrive
As long as we stand
We'll never thrive

	Eyes are made for looking
	Mouth is for talking
	Why are you silent
	Why don't you see
	As long as we don't
	Nothing shall ever be

08. In Between the Folds
Oh lord of Havarithram
Give us your prayer and blessing
That we might smite the evil
In the land of the lotus
Betwixt earth and flesh
The grinding of souls
The Dead do dance again.

09. What the Funk Are We Doing?
I don't wanna hear no words
From your little lying mouth
I'm so sick of your games
And the violence you spout
Take a look at yourselves
And tell me what you see
I can tell you now
I don't want that in me

Can You tell us
Your Master Plan
I don't believe it
In the end
You'll find yourself alone
By yourself
Convinced that you need
Someone else

  What the fuck
  Are we doing
  Where the hell
  Are we going
  Whatever it is
  It's all the game
  Whatever it is
  We're all the same

I hear a politician in Washington
I know he's full of shit
I wonder where he got that suit
And those girls with big tits
I know that someday I could be one
And then I'd make the bank
But there's one thing I can't stand
and that's {censored for good taste, this isn't a great song lyrically - sorry, I was young - Father Huey}
10. Axis of Evil
Well I've seen it on the rise
I've seen it between those thighs
I know where evil goes
I know where evil hides
From the caves of Tora Bora
To the streets of Baghdad
My baby's got an axis of evil

Beware of sneaky muslims
Or so our president said
Although if he gets his way
Soon we'll all be dead
But I know the source of terror
And this I told him then
My baby's got the axil of evil

Axis of evil, Axis of Evil

	I know just where we're going to die
	From the same place we've come
	There's nowhere to run of hide
	Unless you don't want to come
	The government's got it bugged inside
	So just lie back and watch
	The military's going to take control
	But Please leave my baby alone

Axis of evil
Go home and look inside

11. Nuclear Summer
Georgie was a mighty good man
Spreading freedom across the land
But then one day he fucked up
And sent some nuclear missiles up
And now these clouds are looming large 
All because of the assholes in charge
And then some day you will hear
The words you so often fear
It's gonna be a nuclear summer
Nuclear summer, nuclear summer
Near and far, here and there
People are losing their hair
Nuclear summer, nuclear summer