The Music

Welcome to the music of The Fathers.

Some of it is up now, some of it is coming soon. All of it is free through the site becuase we're idiots.
The full catalog is listed at the bottom of the page. If you'd like a primer, click here - at some point in the future.
The primer isn't ready yet... sorry.

The studio albums are being remastered,
so bear with us while we get them up and running!

Enjoy the first release of the remastered series... Missionary Style!

Missionary Style

We released a live anthology called Past Bastards, Volumes I and II!

Think of it as an audio documentary for a band you don't know about and never got to hear live,
through the various personnel changes (read, drummers and bassists) catalogued from the earliest
performances at the UCI Pub, all the way to the distant lands of the KUCI college radio station.
I did the best I could with the 2 track audio... But only so much can be done.

Past Bastards Volume I Past Bastards Volume II

The Albums
Missionary Style Coming Soon
Past Bastards Volume I Past Bastards Volume II
Coming Soon Coming Soon