Modern Art - The Lyrics

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01. Premodernism
French Lesson, number 1. number 1. number 1.
02. The Ballad of Siegfried and Roy
I met him on a cruise ship
I knew he shot from the hip
And when his hand touched me
I knew it was real
But I never imagined the
Things I would feel

Some people say it's not natural
But the animals know it's factual
Oh how I miss
The Secret Garden with him
I don't care if
You think it's a sin

		Roy Roy oh Roy 
		I love what you have inside

But that night our dreams were lost
When the tighter you once kissed tossed
Your bleeding body
Around the stage
While all the housewives
Wept and waved

		Roy Roy Oh Roy 
		I love what you have inside

	Tiger tiger burning bright
	Tearing out Roy's throat tonight

03. Chris' 115th Recurring Dream of Bob Dylan
I was drifting off to sleep again when I heard that cackling laugh
Into my bedroom came Bob Dylan riding a giant green giraffe
He jumped on down and said, ‘Hi there Chris we meet again just like I said we would’
And he proceeded to take out a meat cleaver and then a block of wood
I cried ‘What are you doing you freak, you get the hell away from me!’
But he walked toward me, winked and he smiled maliciously

So I leapt up from my bed and began to wonder where to go 
When I realized I was on the set of the I Love Lucy TV show
Then out came Bob Dylan shaking his hips in a Ricky Ricardo suit 
And he grinned and exclaimed eerily ‘Chris, you got some 'splainin to do’ 
So while he played Babalu I screamed and began to run away
And then I found myself on the set of an Oscar Wilde play

So Bob stood up in formal wear and began to give a speech
‘Chris with me you should come in a most gracious manner I beseech,
I’ve chased you through countless dreams and your various vicissitudes vary,
For fortune often finds an act of false self-same pursuit as quarry,
Therefore I contend that as your persistent pursuant I would you to me submit,’
I just stared at him, fell weeping to the ground and said, ‘Oh shit’

And then my eyes opened and I awoke from my nightly fight
Against the dreams of Bob Dylan that for months had ruined my life
He’d poked and stabbed and prodded and done things to me that I can’t describe
Until I’d seriously questioned whether or not I wanted to be alive
But now I was awake and for 20 hours I would be free
Until I looked in the mirror and saw Bob Dylan staring back at me

04. Goodbye Cigarettes
Goodbye cigarettes
I’ll never forget the joy you brought
Even though my lungs are black
Still my darling I want you back
You lit up my life with your cancerous goo
You were always there to be true
But I had to let you go
Before my throat has a hole
	So I'll sit waiting here
	My skin is crawling, it's crawling with fear
	Your icy hooks won’t let me go
	I’m losing my mind, I think you know
	I hate my life and I hate you all
	The slightest sound is like a wall
	Of pure undiluted stabbing pain
	In my skull driving me insane
Goodbye cigarettes
I hope you burn in hell
I threw you away in the trash
But still I feel your call
Some tell me things will
Always feel this way
And if that’s the truth
Then I’ll blow my head away
Gonna blow my head away

05. Lyraphilia Nervosa
You love instrumentals don't you?

06. Hush Now, Baby Child (Darling Sean)
Hush now baby child
Your mama’s gonna make it alright
You’re 21 years old now
But you haven’t aged a day since 5
If something’s wrong just beat it up
One day it’ll be your wife
Sit in the ruins of your own faults
And blame everyone for your life

Hush now baby child
Your momma’s gonna make it alright 

You’ve been a naughty little boy
You expect a reprimand
But no one cares what you may do
So keep crying in the palm of your hand
You might as well be a dead
Blaming it all on somebody else
Come on He-Man if you’re so strong
Just give growing up a little a chance

Hush now baby child
Your momma’s gonna make it alright 

07a. Modernism, Part 1
I am very charming.

07b. Modernism, Part 2
I am still very charming.

08. Katie I
Ah Katie
I remember it as if it were yesterday
I met you at the social ball
You had a nice pink dress
And these, oh those enormous boots
With fur
You looked like an Eskimo
So I invited you to my igloo
And in the morning
You left me
Because you said our love
Could never be true
As long as your parents 
Wanted you to be a nun
I said that’s no fun baby
I need you
My dove
My little troll
My little chocolate wafer
With vanilla
You will be mine
Katie oh Katie
Nanook Katie
Oh nannynannynook
Oh Katie
Come back home to me

09. Katie II
When I look into your eyes
I see blue like the skies
When I put my hand on your skin
The softest clouds seem hard as tin
You looked so beautiful when I strangled you
You cried and didn’t know what to do
But now you’re here by my side
And our love we no longer have to hide

	Why oh why did it start so wrong
	Why did you let it go on so long
	I really had no choice you see
	I loved you and now you’ll love me

Your eyes are locked and will forever stay
In them I see my own loving gaze
And on your lips so ruby red
I kiss the memory of things you’ve said
I know in death you’ll never change
Even though it’s kind of strange
On your breast I’ll always keep my head
The warmth of your body cold as lead

Katie Katie
I want to love you

10. Katie III
Your eyes 
They drive me away
They drive me crazy
And I don’t know what to do

Just to hold you 
I'd roam the earth
I'd crawl through the depths
But I strangled you anyway

I thought I loved you 
But Katie but I don’t
It was those boots
They brought out the Eskimo in me

	What kind of magic you put on me
	I will never know
	And what I will do with your body
	When your brother comes knocking at my door

It fills me 
Well it fills me
With fear

How could I know
That I'm a fool 
For love?
Spoiling everything
That I touch
I know murder is wrong
But I couldn't
Help myself

11. Going Down South
I'm going to move
To Mexico
I'm going to speak

I'm going to go
Drink beer in the sun
I'm going to go
On the run

I've had enough
Of politics
And bullshit
From idiots

Just me and cigars
A girl in my clutch
To be left alone
Is that asking too much?

I'm going to move
to Mexico...

12. Postmodernism
Ding Dong
Derrida's Dead...