Past Bastards Vol II - The Lyrics

PB2 cover PB2 cover

These are live performances of songs, so they don't all have lyrics, or they had to be censored for the radio.
01. Intro - Going Down South
I’m going to go
To Mexico
I’m going to speak

I’m going to go
Drink beer in the sun
I’m going to go
On the run

I’ve had enough
Of politics
And bullshit
From idiots

Just me and cigars
A girl in my clutch
To be left alone
Is that asking too much?

02. Frenchie Fred
I wish I were a Frenchman
They'd call me Frenchie Fred
I'd be captain of the sea
And all of my seamen
I'd wash my sheets in the ocean
I'd wash out all moldy blood
I'd find myself someone's cousin
And stuff her with my French pud

	Fred, oh Fred
	Take me out to the sea
	Show me your port and bow
	Come and melt with me
	Fred oh Fred
	Come and melt in me
	Fred oh Fred
	Come and melt in me

		But you went and joined the peace corps
		And I don't know what I'm going to do
		Because there is no other Frenchman
		That is quite like you
		I hope the natives don't kill you
		And you aren't eaten by a lion
		I know you want to stay
		There's only one thing I can say

		Frenchie Fred
		What's in your head
		You no longer have a dread
		And soon you'll be dead

03. German Good Time Fun
04. Axis of Evil (Again)
Well I've seen it on the rise
I've seen it between those thighs
I know where evil goes
I know where evil hides
From the caves of Tora Bora
To the streets of Baghdad
My baby's got an axis of evil

Beware of sneaky muslims
Or so our president said
Although if he gets his way
Soon we'll all be dead
But I know the source of terror
And this I told him then
My baby's got the axil of evil

Axis of evil, Axis of Evil

	I know just where we're going to die
	From the same place we've come
	There's nowhere to run of hide
	Unless you don't want to come
	The government's got it bugged inside
	So just lie back and watch
	The military's going to take control
	But Please leave my baby alone

Axis of evil
Go home and look inside

05. The Fattthers, Fattthers Interlude
Tttttthhhhhhh, Frenchie. 
06. Size Matters
When will freedom
Be loved by all
When will the ragheads
Not want us to fall
Don't you know you can't
Mess with the best
And if you disagree with us well
We'll cut you down with the rest	

  Why does everybody hate us
  Why do they want us dead
  I don't know anything but I think
  That we will pull on through

		Size matters
		Whoah Size matters
		And we're the biggest of all
		So we get to kill everyone
		And see the scales fall
		And if you don't believe me
		Then we'll kill you too
		We're the policemen of the world
		So don’t tell us what to do

07. Dead Fetus Blues
I used to feel so alone
I’m used to being on my own
But my doctor made a discovery
About my brother inside of me
It was a tumor, or so I thought
But we found that it was not (it was a)
A dead fetus feeding off my blood
Has repaid me with all his love

	I won’t let him go
	He has freed me of my misery
	And some of my blood’s protein

		Against my will
		My parents did
		Give my consent
		To surgery
		And while I was
		They took him
		Away from me

I got the dead fetus blues
I got the dead fetus blues 
I ain’t got nothing left to lose
I didn’t even get to choose
The doctor took him out of me
I wish he’d just let us be
But they left him inside the trash
So I’ll implant him above my ass
I love him and he just rots
Gee well isn’t that a thought

I got the dead fetus blues
Bap ba na na

08. True Lies
Oh Arnold, oh Arnold
Won’t you show us the way?
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
Come and save the day

	Lead us through this dangerous pass
	And we’ll forget your fascist past
	Terminate all my Mexican friends
	Make the means justify the ends

Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
Won’t you show us the way?
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
Come and save the day

		They say your father was a Nazi
		That I cannot see
		So go and write new laws
		In your German tongue
		We’ll all vote for you
		Despite the fact that you’re dumb
		“It’s not a tumor”, you once said
		But you’re the tumor in my head
		Yes you're the tumor in my head

	At least you can’t be president
	Unless you set a precedent
	You’re an actor just like Reagan
	I hope we don’t all get taken
	You hate gays isn’t that enough
	So why make getting abortions tough
	If you get elected I’ll kill myself
	But maybe not since it’s bad for my health

Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
Come and pump us up
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
I’ve watched you since I was a pup
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
It’s too bad I have Total Recall
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
On recall issues you stall
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
But you did give us Twins
Oh Arnold Oh Arnold
Everybody loses if you wins

09. Vamp and (yet another) Band Intro
There are people in the band.
10. Eat It All Up
We build our roads
So we can get there fast
We plow the earth
To forget the past
We elect some fools
To manage our place
But then bitch and moan
When they forget our face

They tell us there's
No going back
From the people who 
Sold our ghettos crack
But the other side
Acts like they can save
They’re just dumb enough
To think they’re brave

	Oh we eat them all up
	Those lies we eat them all up
	Oh we eat them all up
	Those lies we eat them all up

The new left is like
The old right
Except they flee
When it’s time to fight
How can anyone ever
Expect to win
When there is too much talking
To begin

	Oh we eat them all up
	Those lies we eat them all up
	Oh we eat them all up
	Those lies we eat them all up

11. Katie I - Prelude
Ah Katie
I remember it as if it were yesterday
I met you at the social ball
You had a nice pink dress
And these enormous boots
With fur
You looked like an Eskimo
So I invited you to my igloo
And in the morning
You left me
Because you said our love
Could never be true
As long as your parents 
Wanted you to be a nun
I said that’s no fun baby
I need you
My dove
My little troll
My little chocolate wafer
With vanilla
You will be mine
Katie ok Katie
Nanook Katie
Oh nannynannynook
Oh Katie
Come back home to me

12. Katie II - Attainment
When I look into your eyes
I see the blue like the skies
When I put my hand on your skin
The softest clouds seem hard as tin
You looked so beautiful when I strangled you
You cried and didn’t know what to do
But now you’re here by my side
And our love we no longer have to hide

	Why oh why did it start so wrong
	Why did you let it go on so long
	I really had no choice you see
	I loved you and now you’ll love me

Your eyes are locked and will forever stay
In them I see my own loving gaze
And on your lips so ruby red
I kiss the memory of things you’ve said
I know in death you’ll never change
Even though it’s kind of strange
On your breast I’ll always keep my head
The warmth of your body cold as lead

13. Katie III - Revisted
Oh Your eyes 
They drive me away
They drive me crazy
And I don’t know what to do

Just to hold you
I'd roam the earth
I'd crawl through the depths
But I strangled you anyway

I thought I loved you
But Katie I don’t
It was those boots
That brought out the Eskimo in me

	What kind of magic you put on me I will never know
	And what I will do with your body 
	When your brother comes 
	Knockin on my door
	Well it fills me

With fear 
My little troll
My little Nanynanynanynanyoook
In your little pink dress
That’s covered with mold
Your stench
Brings me to my senses
So I’m sorry
That I killed you
How could I know

			That I’m a fool
			For love
			Spoiling everything
			That I touch
			I know murder
			Is wrong
			But I couldn’t

Help myself
14. Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Me and my rubber hose
He knows just where to goes
I put him around my neck
For that extra kick
I hope that my parents
Never find this out
Then they won’t let me be
A sexy sexy boy scout

	Scoutmaster please
	Stop caressing me
	I don’t want your fudgecicle
	Jammed inside of me
	Everyone thinks you’re great
	But you’re the one I hate
	Now I’ll walk with a limp for a month
	I just can’t thank you enough

So they hushed it all up
I’m not dead so I must be tough
I’ve got an office job
And a wife I call “Rob”
We scarf all day and night
And she don’t put up a fight
Until one day I heard
All of her breathing stop

	But jail ain’t that bad
	It’s more than I ever had
	Now my scoutmaster and me
	Can live in harmony
	And all the rubber we need
	Plus security
	Although it’s always best
	If we join in with the rest
	Autoerotic Asphyxiation 

		But now I’m free
		I’m free as can be
		And I’ve joined the NSC
		And been given the magic key
		To war we go to war we’ll stay
		I wouldn’t have it any other way
		We get George, and Colin, and Dicky too
		And I’ll let them piss on me and poo
		We’re just a happy family
		As long as we’ve got sodomy
		Until one day I’ll choke and die
		And I bet they’ll get away with it too